Need Followers? Be Careful for the TRAP!

Need more followers?

Something didn’t feel right . . .

At one point in my writing career, I was told by a publisher that I needed a social media platform, and lots of followers. So there I was, writing in the hopes of gaining new fans . . . and they started following, and all was well. Or was it?

I had been writing ever since I was a little girl and never felt pressure to write a poem or to write in my journal. Yet there I was an adult, starting to feel pressure to write and gain followers. Each new follower made me smile, and encouraged me to write more. Then it happened. I fell into the trap! Something didn’t feel quite right. I noticed now and then that I was writing for people, rather than for God. Without beating around the bush, let me say, IMHO this is a form of idolatry. Without hesitation, I made an about-face, repented, and headed back in the right direction— writing for God’s glory alone!

God is my audience and inspiration. My prayer is that He would take my pen and channel His love and light through my words.

When we write for God, the amount of followers, “likes”, or comments isn’t as important as a thumbs up from God above. I’m not trying to diminish the importance of trying to gain followers, but I simply want to highlight the most important like or comment we could ever receive as writers — “Well done, my good and faithful servant!” (Matthew 25:21).

If you’ve ever felt the pressure to write, or gain followers, may I offer these words of encouragement:

The ability to write well, form thoughts, be creative, communicate effectively, and so forth, comes from God. Like every other gift He gives, we are simply stewards. All we need to do is abide in the vine (Jesus Christ) daily, and offer up our talents to Him freely as we write, acknowledging Him with every word. The rest is up to Him.

So please don’t fall into Satan’s trap and write to please people. Be careful, Satan is crafty! He wants to sneak into our lives even under the guise of doing something “good” and get our eyes off our purpose in life— to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Seek God first in all you do, continue to work on improving your writing skills (God loves excellence!), take your time learning the in’s and out’s of blogging, and leave the rest to God. He is able to complete every good work He begins in us.

Learning to write on a blog is a loooong journey. At least it was for me, and I still have lots to learn. I recall the days I would spend hours writing and not even know how to use a tag, or categorize my posts, or use images . . . and I rarely got a like! But I was happy writing, and kept writing, learning, and dedicating my posts to God. Now years later, I’ve gained followers, and my posts get likes and comments now and then, which is all wonderful —Thank you dear friends! But ultimately, my greatest joy remains in knowing that I am writing for God alone.

So be encouraged, dear friends! Keep writing. Don’t let the number of likes or followers or comments discourage you. If God calls you to write, then write, and enjoy the journey. 

And just think, even if you only get one like, that one like is one life. Every life matters. Who knows, maybe you touched that person in a way no one else can, and set them on a path of healing and wholeness. I’ll never forget the blog post I wrote that got very few likes, and yet one reader messaged me and asked how to receive the Lord. She then dedicated her life to Christ. I was dancing for joy! See, you never know who you may touch through your words. Just be faithful and follow God’s lead as you write.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. — Matthew 6:33

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. — 1 Corinthians 10:31

Today, I no longer feel pressure to write. I absolutely love watching words unfold into a story or reflection. And I take my time watching that happen, no rush. I love blogging. I’m also the author of 8 books and working on my 9th book. Other than my back hurting from sitting at my desk long hours, I am happy and content knowing that I’m walking in God’s purpose for my life 😊

May you know how wide, how long, how high, and how deep God’s love is for you.

Leila xx

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13 thoughts on “Need Followers? Be Careful for the TRAP!

  1. So true what you said about ” writing for people ” and losing our purpose of writing to honor God! Every writing conference would ” preach ” to new writers the importance of developing a substantial base of online followers and in theory, ” to be every where at once! ” So unrealistic to attempt that goal! Thank you for sharing your writing ministry!

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    1. Thank you Rick for sharing. I agree, it’s very unrealistic. In the end, it’s exhausting and discouraging, which is exactly what the enemy wants. Thanks be to God for His Word, which realigns us our true purpose. God bless you and your writing ministry 🙏🏻😊 Thank you for commenting.


  2. Hi Leila. This post is so good (well, all of yours are). I would like to reblog this one on my WordPess. And, as you already know, I give full credit and links to your page. Although I believe you would say yes, I wanted to ask anyway. Please let me know either way. Thanks, Charles

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  3. Thank You for writing this article!, I, too love to write as a child and growing up. Upon retiring from Law Enforcement, I would pray and ask God to use me for his will and to show me what it was that he wanted me to do. One day after praying, I heard, “write” and I decided to write what’s on my heart. You are so write, never try to write for the likes or the followers, this bothered me at first but the Holy Spirit, said, just keep writing and I will lead the people to you, even if it’s just one, because that one will become a multitude of people. Once again, thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you Theresa for sharing and for your encouraging words. I’m so glad you continued to write. I’ve only known you a short while and have already been encouraged by your posts… as I’m sure many others have. I agree with what you said, “even if it’s just one, because that one will become a multitude of people.” God bless you and your writing ministry. To God be the glory 💕🙏🏻💐

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      1. No no no, I have to thank you. God knows my heart and when I read your post, it spoke volume to me. Because it can get rough but we have to stay mindful who we’re writing for. It was confirmation for me and just what I needed to read. ❤️

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      2. Thank you so much Teresa! Praise God. That also confirms to me that I was hearing from God when I wrote it. Knowing it blessed you blesses me. Praise God Hallelujah to His name 🙏🏻💕🙏🏻💕🙏🏻 Ps. I agree it can get rough, I think we’ve all been there. God is so good to lead us back to Himself. Blessings on your day 💐

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  4. Reblogged this on Charles Earl Harrel and commented:
    Great article about having the right motivation for writing, especially for Christian writers. Leila says, “Don’t let the number of likes or followers or comments discourage you. If God calls you to write, then write, and enjoy the journey.”


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