Puppy Parenting 101 : Are You Ready to Bring Home a Puppy? [Part 1]

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Choosing a new puppy or adult dog is one of those big life decisions! After all, you’ll be responsible for another living being that will depend on you for his entire life! (No pressure of course). With such a huge decision to make, you may be wondering, “What dog breed is best for my lifestyle?” “Do I want a purebred or mixed” “Do I want one from a shelter, or from a responsible dog breeder?” “Am I even ready to bring home a puppy?!”

There’s an abundance of information out there to help you answer these questions. In this article I’ve tried to sum up the basics to simplify things and help you prepare for and enjoy the puppy parenting journey! This article is part 1 of a series. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to be notified when the next parts are written.

PART 1: Am I Ready To Bring Home a Puppy?

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4 Clues to Why Your Dog is Barking

Why is my dog barking?

Why is my dog barking? What’s he trying to say? If I only knew. There are many useful and valid reasons for a dog to bark, but when it becomes constant, often we’re left frustrated and perplexed. Think of a parent holding a crying newborn all night. Is she sick? Is she acting spoiled? Like any concerned parent we would search until the answer was found. Unfortunately, as doggie parents, we’re not always as persistent. Too often owners blame their dog, calling him “naughty” or buying shock collars in desperation. But dogs don’t bark for the sake of barking. They’re actually talking (through vocalization and body language) and have something to say. Our job is to play detective, dig deeper, and find out what that “something” is.

This article shares 4 clues to why your dog may be barking, plus 7 practical steps to help you solve the problem.

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3 Essential Easter Pet Safety Tips

3 Essential Easter Pet Safety Tips

Growing up with dogs, I quickly learned that Easter, much like other Holidays, involved potential hazards for my pets. I recall as a young mom hiding the chocolate and plastic eggs for our yearly “Easter egg hunt,” and then scouring the yard over and over to ensure that NO EGGS WERE LEFT BEHIND. Only once all the eggs were accounted for were the dogs allowed back in the yard. Even then, I think I was on the look out for the entire week in case I happened to have missed one hiding under a tree!

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5 Essential Holiday Pet Safety Tips

5 Essential Holiday Pet Safety Tips

How do you keep your pet safe during the holidays? 

For pet lovers, it’s a question that looms in the back of our mind, as we decorate the tree, unwrap presents, eat chocolates and candy, and offer all sorts of gifts that may glitter on the outside, but carry potential danger for our beloved pets. I know it’s a crazy time of year, when everything seems to be going a hundred miles an hour. I’m with you, truly . . . I can relate. But please slow down long enough to read these 5 essential pet safety tips during the holidays. Continue reading “5 Essential Holiday Pet Safety Tips”