Inspiring Dog Devotionals and Pet Health Record Keeping Books

Leila Grandemange weaves her love for God and devotion to dogs throughout her writing, to help people unleash a richer, simpler, more meaningful life!

About the Author

Leila Grandemange is an award-winning writer and the author of several charming books. As a freelance writer, Leila has also contributed to various publications such as “The Quiet Hour Devotional” and The Royal Spaniels Magazine. She writes to inspire hope and promote the loving care of our furry friends!
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New in 2020! An Inspiring Dog Devotional, and a fabulous Pet Health Record Log!

A Dog Lovers Devotional
Pet Health Record Keeping Book

Dog Breeder Record Book/Dog Show Record Book

A Breeder's Companion, Record Keeping for your Dogs' Litters
Dog Breeder Record Book/Record Keeping for Puppies
Record Book for Breeders and Show Enthusiasts

Dogs Books for Children in English and French

Children's book about dogs
A Story of a Promising Puppy. Activities Included

Inspirational Women’s Coloring Devotional

Flourish Coloring Devotional
Women’s Coloring Devotional

Uplifting Devotional for Teens