Why I Wear a Cross [by Dennis Homes]

At Easter time the sign of the cross has more relevance than ever.

I wear a cross on a chain around my neck and rarely ever take it off. I don’t attach any ‘magical’ significance to it, but for me it is simply a reminder of what Jesus did for us. I do know that some people, mainly Roman Catholics, like to have their crucifixes blessed by a priest or even have them touched by  holy water. If it means a lot to them then that’s fine, but to me it’s a bit Harry Potterish! Being touched by holy water or blessed by a priest for me adds no special significance. All water, be it raindrops, water in a stream or an ocean is all holy as it was created by Our Lord. But that is purely my own view. Countless numbers of Christians gain comfort by having items blessed by a priest so that is great.

For me a cross, whether one that I wear around my neck or one that I have at home on a shelf is a constant reminder of what Jesus has done for me. It’s such a simple symbol but with several meanings . . .

It signifies death;

it signified suffering.

But it also signifies

resurrection and rebirth,

and most importantly

it signifies LOVE.

Jesus died and suffered on the cross because of his love for us. But he also rose again which shows that love conquers all. Love conquers death and suffering so at Easter time the cross that I wear around my neck continues to remind me of the great gift bestowed upon us by Our Lord Jesus.

Dennis Homes

[guest blogger]

Thank you to Dennis for sharing this heartfelt message and reminder of the meaning of the cross!

Easter blessings dear friends. May you know how wide, how deep, and long God’s love is for you.

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