Wonderful Book Review for Pawz & Pray! [by Dennis Homes]

Book Review by Dennis Homes

Dennis Homes is an author and contributor to various dog publications, a life long dog advocate, and breeder/ judge at Leogem Cavaliers UK

“Life is a journey. It’s a journey along a very winding road. We don’t know how long the road is and its course takes us over many hurdles and obstacles. Sometimes it seems to soar high in the mountains; but other times it winds its way through deep valleys and dark tunnels. And along the way there are many crossroads where you are unsure as to which direction to take. But all the while God is there beside you. The big problem is that most of us forget that He is there.

In Leila Grandemange’s wonderful book Pawz & Pray she has put together 130 short stories, prayers and devotionals that constantly remind us of Our Lord’s presence. Many are based on her own journey and include verses from the Bible and inspirational quotes. But the book also has lots of humour; especially when she tells anecdotes about her beloved dogs. In many ways the devoted love and affection of her dogs have parallels with the way that Our Lord has shone his light along our path. Pawz and Pray is a most delightful and inspirational book; a true kaleidoscope of Faith, Hope and Love.” —Dennis Homes

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About the Book

Pawz & Pray: Finding Joy in the Journey with God, Family, and Furry Friends! 130 Uplifting Stories and Devotions for Dog Lovers!
Unleash a richer, simpler, more meaningful life!

Pawz & Pray is a collection of 130 uplifting stories, scriptures, and prayers, inviting you to slow down, savor moments, and discover the secrets to a truly meaningful life. If you’d like to draw closer to God, and happen to have a sweet spot for dogs, this book is for you! [Read more]

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