Lord, Help Me To Flourish

A Coloring Devotional

By Leila Grandemange and Nathalie Villeneuve 

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Flourish Coloring Devotional
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Worship, Color, Journal!

Every morning God paints the sky with brilliant colors and beauty reminding us of His creativity and loving presence! Yet so often we find ourselves disconnected from God, discouraged, or distracted while praying, reading His Word and doing our devotions. We’ve all been there. The good news is that we don’t have to stay there! Coloring and journaling is known to help us relax, focus, and have fun—three qualities that can enrich our time with God and motivate us to run into His presence with thanksgiving. Psalm 16:11 tells us that in God’s presence is fullness of joy! That said, I have no doubt that God intended our quiet time to be the most exciting and fulfilling part of our day. If that is something you long for, then read on and discover the joy of devotional reading and journaling with art and color while you draw close to God.

Devotional reading combined with journaling, art and color engages both the logical analytical left side of the brain as well as the artistic, creative, and imaginative right side. When both sides are engaged our quiet time with the Lord takes on an exciting new dimension as we learn to engage our imagination and artistic core. It’s often in that context that we begin to flourish.

In 2016, Nathalie and Leila prayerfully embarked on a journey to create a unique book that would combine a relaxing and creative activity like coloring with the study of God’s Word. Hence the idea came about of a “Coloring Devotional!” In this book you’ll find Nathalie’s inspirational paintings and coloring pages, along with Leila’s heart warming devotionals and the study questions beautifully woven together into one message! Each theme was prayerfully chosen to help you experience God in a more personal way. “Lord, Help Me To Flourish” is not only the title of this book, it is also the authors earnest prayer, because flourishing is only possible with help from above!

102 pages, 8.5 x 0.3 x 11 Inches

Feature Testimonial from inspirational author and speaker Shari Braendel

Wow! I cannot even tell you how ingenious this devotional is. God created us to be in a vibrant relationship with Him, yet we’ve become so busy all we’ve done is put Him on our to-do list and spend little time drawing near. Well my friend, that is about to change! “Lord, Help Me Flourish” is the single most creative devotional I’ve ever seen. It will remind you that God designed you to be in a passionate love affair with Him while drawing out your imaginative, artistic side you forgot you even had. Plan to give one to every woman you know! It is truly an inspired work of art. —Shari Braendel—CEO of Fashion Meets Faith and Author of Help Me Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear

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A Coloring Devotional

Great devotional! I really enjoy being able to learn about God and at the same time (and that’s probably one of the most wonderful parts) I can express my creativity! God and Art, the two best things on earth!–Lea Grandemange, a lovely young lady from France.

When two creative people who are spiritually gifted flow together so well I call it “Holy Spirit synergy”. This work,created by Leila and Nathalie, embodies this flow. As you turn each page and join in the “flow”,  Holy Spirit will take you on a journey to a place of peace and contentment.  Enjoy your time of creative expression!  Thank you Leila and Nathalie! I can’t wait to begin the journey!–Donna Nessing, Prayer Ministry Leader at New Life Church CT.

Nathalie is a gifted artist whose passion for the Lord is expressed not only on her canvas but also from her heart!!  I’m sure you will find your own expression as you color each page that she created while connecting with Leila through reading the devotionals and explore the treasure of the Word for your life!–Claudia Castrogiovanni, Curator and Founder of Renaissance Art Conference

What a precious coloring devotional, prepared by two talented and God-fearing ladies. With the artistic imagery and devotionals, it takes you on a journey to experience a deeper walk with the Lord. It will be fun coloring as I meditate on His Word. The art work is superb, and it is truly well written. I cannot wait to get my 1 copy!

–From Ruth, a fan of “Lord, Help Me to Flourish!”

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