A Dog Show Companion

A Dog Show Companion

The Ultimate Dog Show Record Book, Planner, and Guide to Help You Succeed in the Ring!

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About the Book

It’s show time! Are you ready? Competing with your dog is hard work, but also lots of fun! As you prepare for the big day in the ring, you’ll develop a close bond with your dog, meet other exhibitors, and learn tips to help you succeed. Along the way you’ll want to stay organized and continue learning. A Dog Show Companion, by author and dog fancier Leila Grandemange, was designed to help you record your journey, rise to the challenge, and realize your dreams! It’s the perfect partner for your dog show adventures!

This book will help you:

Stay organized: Use the 2-Year Planner, dog show competition log, and A-Z dog show address book to stay goal-oriented and organized.
Reflect and fine tune: 100 competition charts for conformation shows are provided to log things like placements, points, judge comments and things learned. Reflect on these, fine tune, and win more!
Rise to the challenge: Build your confidence with pre-show and show- time tips to help you work hard, avoid pitfalls, and succeed in the ring.
Realize your dreams: Use the goal setting worksheet and positive affirmations to stay motivated and moving forward while nurturing a winning mindset.
Create a treasured keepsake: Keep your dog show memories and milestones in one place to look back over and enjoy for years to come!

Note: This book is specific to conformation shows with the American Kennel Club (AKC), but can be beneficial to those who compete with other organizations.

Book Reviews

A Dog Show Companion is an insightful study of the practical world of developing the art of exhibiting dogs. Mrs. Grandemange writes with both clarity and brevity about the essential ingredients as you approach showing your dogs. At the same time the book provides a personal journal of the exhibitor’s achievements along the way. The charts provide a crisp way by which the exhibitor can maintain a record over the years whereas important details are often forgotten.
—James G. Reynolds, breeder, exhibitor and judge for over 60 years

A Dog Show Companion is an invaluable guide which outlines all aspects of dog showing, suitable for novices but also for veterans in the dog world. The author shares easy-to-follow tips and practical charts to help the reader enjoy dog showing and experience the rewards it can give, while avoiding the potential pitfalls. The book is written with business like detail but also with subtle nuances of grace, portraying dog showing as a science and an art. I believe it will be a book which you can look back over with pleasurable memories in years to come. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in dog showing.
—Heather Lamont, International Dog Show Judge

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