Book Reviews, Pawz and Pray 2nd Edition

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Pawz and Pray

Finding Joy in the Journey with God, Family, and Furry Friends! 130 Inspiring Stories and Devotions for Dog Lovers

Leila’s book has been a true inspiration to me. It makes you focus on what’s really important in life. The author gives us great examples on how we can have a closer walk with God by following the lead that our pets give us in their everyday life. “Pawz and Pray” encourages us to put our worry and anxiety aside and take time to enjoy the things God has put right in front of us. This book has touched my heart in an indescribable way. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves animals and wants to have a closer connection to our Heavenly Father.

—Holly Cornwell, Editor 2007 – June 2014, The Royal Spaniels Magazine

Life is a journey. It’s a journey along a very winding road. We don’t how long the road is and its course takes us over many hurdles and obstacles. Sometimes it seems to soar high in the mountains; but other times it winds its way through deep valleys and dark tunnels. And along the way there are many crossroads where you are unsure as to which direction to take. But all the while God is there beside you. The big problem is that most of us forget that He is there.
In Leila Grandemange’s wonderful book Pawz & Pray she has put together 130 short stories, prayers and devotionals that constantly remind us of Our Lord’s presence. Many are based on her own journey and include verses from the Bible and inspirational quotes. But the book also has lots of humour; especially when she tells anecdotes about her beloved dogs. In many ways the devoted love and affection of her dogs have parallels with the way that Our Lord has shone his light along our path. Pawz and Pray is a most delightful and inspirational book; a true kaleidoscope of Faith, Hope and Love.

—Dennis Homes, author   [Review for 2nd edition]     

St. Francis of Assisi preached that it was the duty of mankind to protect and enjoy nature as both stewards of God’s creation and as creatures themselves. In Pawz and Pray Leila Grandemange shares both her devotion to dogs and her love of God in a warm tapestry of observations, narratives, quotations and biblical extracts. She illustrates so clearly how sharing love and caring for animals can be so richly rewarding, enhancing the lives of both ourselves and our beloved pets. Beautifully illustrated, this is indeed a trove of profound inspiration.

—Dennis Homes, author [Review for the 1st edition]

Pawz and Pray is delightful reading that moves us and leads us along good paths to walk. Through Leila’s conversational narrative she opens her life and shows us how God has been changing her and enriching her life to his glory. She takes us in life-giving directions that we should all want to go. It’s as if she has invited us for tea on the porch or for a walk, always with at least one dog on leash, to hear meaningful stories and valuable insights about God’s abounding love for us. But she doesn’t just point the direction ahead and then leave us to figure out the journey for ourselves. Rather, Leila helps us know how to stay connected to God in our everyday lives with all our responsibilities, family, friends, and of course, our dogs . We could hardly hope for a better human companion. Unleash the insights on these pages into your life.

—Scott Stewart, Editor, Devotions and The Quiet Hour

Paws and Pray beautifully illustrates the healing power of being in communion with animals, weaving together the spiritual and therapeutic lessons our pets bestow upon us. It is in “relationship” that we collectively participate in one another’s salvation (or destruction), and these insights are vividly depicted in her stories about devotion, forgiveness, patience and the cultivation of empathy. I am grateful that Leila has shared her experience and wisdom in this book, her prayer that we can all learn from our animal friends to be kinder to ourselves and each other. Now more than ever.
— Malissa Feruzzi Shriver

Pawz and Pray is like the sweetest of warm hugs from your favorite family member. I want to give it more than 5 stars. This is a book that leaves you feeling so much better for having read it. The author seamlessly and beautifully weaves relationships with our dogs with our relationships with God. Let me emphasize “seamlessly” – it is brilliantly written. The color photos are exquisite and complement the text beautifully.

The range of different topics in Pawz and Pray belies the simple premise of “comparing our relationships with our dogs to that with God”… war dogs, homeless people, recovering from surgery, dog (and child) training, lost and found, just to name a few. This book leaves no stone unturned!
I loaned my copy of Pawz and Pray to a friend who is “a cat lady and atheist” thinking it might help her with her severe depression. She said the book “helped her a lot” as we proceeded to discuss several of the many topics covered in the book. I’ve ordered two more copies to give as gifts to friends, and am sure I will order more.
This is a book for the lifetimes, to occupy a special place on your bookshelf or bedside table. It is a book to cherish, embrace, and share with those you love. Yes, it really does need more than 5 stars.

— Sally Henderson