Watching Leaves Falling

Sometimes, we just need to pause and reflect on all that’s going on around us.

This weekend, while watching the leaves falling, I sensed God wanting to speak to my heart. So many thoughts came to mind, about how life is filled with change, about how difficult it can be to let go of past hurt, and yet how freeing it is when we truly surrender our pain to God, and cast all our anxiety on him. Continue reading “Watching Leaves Falling”

Dear God, I Need Your Perspective

Dear God, I need your perspective. Things don’t make sense. I’m unsure what to do and which way to go. Help me see things from your perspective, and to trust you, even when I don’t understand. Thank you for loving me, and hearing my prayer. Fill me with your peace and joy, and guide me, as I go about my day. Amen

Continue reading “Dear God, I Need Your Perspective”