Are You in Deep Waters?

Have you ever felt like you’re in deep waters and running out of strength to stay afloat?

Have you ever been hurt or rejected to the point of feeling like you’re drowning in pain?

Have you ever felt helpless to overcome troubling thoughts, lost in a sea of bitter memories and regrets?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your list of “to do’s”?

If so, take comfort in these words from our Heavenly Father God—

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Rise and Shine! [Happiness Tip 10]

Rise and Shine

“If you’re going to rise, you might as well shine.” —unknown

Happiness Tip #10: Rise and Shine!
One of the best ways to find happiness is not to seek it, rather it’s to share it. Be thankful, be generous, be helpful, offer a word of encouragement to someone in need, rise and shine and share God’s love. Continue reading “Rise and Shine! [Happiness Tip 10]”

Happiness Tips for Troubled Hearts #3 [What does praising God have to do with chronic pain?]


A prayer for chronic pain from Psalm 63

What does praising God have to do with chronic pain? I certainly don’t feel like praising God when I’m in pain. I feel more like curling up on the sofa with a heating pad and a hot cup of tea. Yet praise and worship is absolutely essential to our happiness and ability to press on when dealing with chronic pain.

Happiness Tip for Troubled hearts #3, Praise God at all times, especially when in pain. Praise acts like a healing balm, reviving weary bones, calming troubled hearts, and renewing the anxious mind. Praise takes the focus off the pain, and places it on God, the source of our healing, help, and hope!

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Unwavering Worship [encouraging thoughts for those in pain]


Love’s Gentle Nudge . . .

When physical or emotional pain feels all-consuming, it can be hard to stay focused on certain Bible truths, like “God is good”, and “God is loving and faithful.” Consequently it can be tempting to refrain from praise and worship, and wallow in self-pity or doubt. And yet choosing this course never helps. In fact it only hinders our healing. So what do we do?

We must never allow the circumstances of life to affect our worship. Rather, we must let our fervent and heartfelt worship affect the circumstances of life. It’s not easy…but it is possible, by God’s grace.

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