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About Gentle Nudge Ministry

Gentle Nudge Ministry exists to offer encouragement: verbal, text, images, or otherwise to accomplish a change in mindset or behavior that will lead to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and ultimately to a more hopeful, happy, and healthy life! 

Ever since Jesus pulled me out of darkness and into His marvelous light, I can’t stop talking about Him! I write books, share my testimony here and there, and freelance for Christian Devotionals. Basically, I’m a storyteller at heart! My stories are birthed from personal life struggles with anxiety, fear, and despair, and are meant to gently nudge people from heartache to hope, healing, and happiness!  I take 2 Corinthians 1:4 very seriously—

“He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others.”

A “nudge” (comfort, encouragement to move forward) is such a simple thing, and yet when offered at the right time, with love, can be incredibly powerful! It can transform heartache into hope, chaos into calm, and fear into faith! This is what God does for us every day, gently nudging us closer to Himself so that He can lavish us with His love and set us free. It is also the purpose of this ministry—to gently nudge people out of pain and despair and point them to Jesus Christ. Truth from God’s Word is shared through the use of storytelling, modern-day parables, dance, drama, and mime, in a unique presentation of hope based Isaiah 61

From broken to beautiful, Leila Grandemange weaves her past trials into today’s triumphs while telling the story of her beloved Savior Jesus Christ. Leila has a BA in Christian Education and has led and participated in ministry teams (as a dancer, choreographer, mime, and street evangelist) in the USA and Europe. For information on having Leila speak, choreograph or dance at your ministry event, please use the contact form. Leila also has a unique ministry shared with her beloved dogs. Click here to learn more. 

The videos below are from speaking events Leila did in 2016-2017

Letting Go! Preview Video

Letting Go!  [Full Message]


This is one example of a ministry message I choreographed and presented using mime and dance along with video in the background. 

To watch more dance/mime ministry  videos click here. 



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