A Devotional Inviting You on a Journey toward Purity

Written with Teens in Mind

This devotional was written to inspire and encourage you along your journey as you seek to live a pure life before God. Written with teens in mind, the devotional will discuss questions like what is purity, and what are its foundations, attributes, and results. Practical lessons will also be shared on how purity relates to your daily life, dating, friendships, choices, and many other topics, making this a very useful and personal devotional. You won’t read pages filled with do’s and don’ts, but rather stories that will hopefully inspire you to love God with all your heart. As you love God, the changes will happen on their own, from the inside out!

Other topics: A grateful heart, a trusting heart, trials we face, forgiveness, prayer, grace, and much more!


 paperback, 88 pages. $10.99

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Meeting Leila Grandemange has been inspirational. To see a woman with passion and vision to follow God and serve Him with her gifts and talents, is very refreshing. Her devotional [Reflections] touches a variety of real life issues and reaches youth with the truth of God’s word. My hope and prayer is that many would read her book and grow in God. She is truly talented, and I fully endorse her book.

Debbie Ertel
Founder of Living Pure Ministries

In a world where the very idea of purity is seen as antiquated and unrealistic, Leila’s book brings light and hope to this wonderful possibility. Actually, from God’s perspective, it’s more than a possibility—it’s His desired reality for His children. We can be pure because Jesus is (Galatians 2:20). It is His will and pleasure. It can be yours too.

Woody Torrence, Senior Pastor
Blue Ridge Community Church

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