Lord, Help Me To Flourish. A Coloring Devotional

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About The Coloring Devotional

Flourish is such a beautiful word! It brings to mind images of picturesque fields covered with all sorts of colorful flowers thriving under the warm summer sun.  “Flourish” is also a very meaningful word because it captures God’s desire for each one of us—to thrive, prosper, and bloom in every area of our life!  Is that something that speaks to you? If so, this book was designed just for you by co authors Nathalie Villeneuve and Leila Grandemange. Their vision—

To help women flourish in faith while experiencing God through the Creative Arts.

In 2016, Nathalie and Leila prayerfully embarked on a journey to create a unique book that would combine a relaxing and creative activity like coloring with the study of God’s Word. Hence the idea came about of a “Coloring Devotional!” In this book you’ll find Nathalie’s inspirational paintings and coloring pages, along with Leila’s heart warming devotionals and the study questions beautifully woven together into one message! Each theme was prayerfully chosen to help you experience God in a more personal way. “Lord, Help Me To Flourish” is not only the title of this book, it is also the authors earnest prayer, because flourishing is only possible with help from above!

102 pages, 8.5 x 0.3 x 11 INCHES

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Feature Testimonial from inspirational author and speaker, Shari Braendel

Wow! I cannot even tell you how ingenious this devotional is. God created us to be in a vibrant relationship with Him, yet we’ve become so busy all we’ve done is put Him on our to-do list and spend little time drawing near. Well my friend, that is about to change! “Lord, Help Me Flourish” is the single most creative devotional I’ve ever seen. It will remind you that God designed you to be in a passionate love affair with Him while drawing out your imaginative, artistic side you forgot you even had. Plan to give one to every woman you know! It is truly an inspired work of art.

Shari BraendelCEO of Fashion Meets Faith and Author of Help Me Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear

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We invite you to view the first devotional, Flourishing Faith,  to get a visual feel for the layout of the book. Each devotional consists of 6 pages. There are 15 Coloring Devotionals. 

102 PAGES, 8.5 X 0.3 X 11 INCHES

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