Ballet for Athletes

Ballet for Athletes

Ballet is good for athletes!

Up your game, increase your flexibility, strength, and coordination, prevent injury, and discover muscles you didn’t know you had! For more information about Ballet for Athletes in Lynchburg Virginia and vicinity, contact Leila Grandemange.

*Ballet classes are typically one hour, which include stretching, warm-up, and exercises.

*A ballet studio is not required. Classes can be done almost anywhere.

Formerly a professional ballet dancer, Leila Grandemange went on to earn a Ballet teaching degree while living in France, and has taught for over 25 years. When her daughter started taking ice skating and ballet lessons as a young girl, Leila offered to teach ballet to the skaters, and a new passion was born—teaching ballet to athletes. Years later, her daughter’s ballet training came in handy when she joined the track team as a Junior in High School. She became State Discus Champion in her Junior and Senior year and still holds the school record. She’s now competing as a collegiate athlete in a PAC-12 school in hammer, discus, and javelin. That is her photo top left in the collage above doing a grand jeté while holding her discus and javelin. She credits much of her success to her training as a ballerina . . .

Craig Craker , Tri-City Herald writes, “Elisa Grandemange is one of the best discus throwers in the state. The reason why she excels isn’t necessarily what you’d think. The Kamiakin High junior doesn’t have the typical body build of a thrower, nor does she have years of experience. Rather, the Kennewick 16-year-old uses her background in ballet and figure skating to dominate a sport that is nothing like the fine arts world she grew up in. “If it wasn’t for dancing, I wouldn’t be good,” said Elisa, who was born in France. “I wouldn’t understand technique, and I wouldn’t know rhythm — because you have to have rhythm to throw.” Click here to read the full article.