Cursing Into Blessing

… yet our God turned the curse into a blessing. – Nehemiah 13:2

Some days, we just get down on ourselves. Painful memories, regrets, festering wounds, images of suffering flash across our screen and newsfeed, loved ones call with tears, our bodies ache, our mind is weary. . .

We cry out to God for relief.

We ask God for mercy.

We wait, we hope…

Then, we must BELIEVE that God will walk us “through” the valley.

We must CLING to the truth that God is good and that he dearly loves us.

And, we must TRUST that God can turn every curse, every hardship, and every heartache into a beautiful blessing, either in this life, or the next.

Then we put one foot in front of the other, and PRESS ON!

God’s Word is not complicated really. His precepts are very clear. But they require us to make choices, to trust and obey. I admit it’s not always easy to do that. Sometimes I call up a friend and ask for prayer and help. And that’s okay. We all need each other.

Praying this word will encourage your heart today, and help you choose to trust God with whatever challenges you are facing. Call a friend if needed, a pastor or counselor…

Don’t isolate yourself. Reach out for help. God can miraculously and instantly turn our hardship into blessings, or he can work through people to do that. I find that typically he uses people, and even my pets!

May God turn every pain into purpose, and fill your heart with hope!

Dear God, help me to believe that you will walk me through painful moments. Help me to cling to the truth that you are good and that you love me. Help me to trust that you can turn every hardship into a blessing. And mostly, help me to keep moving forward today with hope in my heart! Amen

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3 thoughts on “Cursing Into Blessing

  1. Simple, profound, full of hope and good reminders! Thanks Leila! I think of the lyrics from Twila Paris’ song True Friend:
    You are a true friend pointing me to Him
    Lifting my downcast eyes
    Turning my wondering gaze to the sky
    Proving your love again, you are a true friend

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