Your Glorious Presence!

God's presence
If you’re struggling with anxious thoughts today, remember: God is with you. He is present throughout creation. If you’re ever in need of Him, just call on His name. . .
“Jesus, I need You. . .
Then quiet your soul and listen . . .
Sometimes when I’m still before the Lord, I hear in my spirit,
Dear child, I love you. You are not alone. Be strong and courageous, take hold of My righteous right hand. Let me lead you. Trust Me with ALL your heart, soul, mind and strength. I am with you always. My glorious presence surrounds you. Only open the eyes of your heart, and you will see. You are never alone! 
My spirit then responds,
Thank You my Lord! My hope is in You! Amen 
“Open my eyes Lord that I Might see, Your glorious presence surrounding me.”
~Leila Grandemange
Hope be with you!
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