Healing Rain

“weeping may last through the night,
but joy comes with the morning.” (Psalm 30:5)
Do you ever feel like your tears will flood the earth?

 Here are some random thoughts on pain, rain, and healing . . .
Pain is real, as real as the rain you feel as you rush to find a place of shelter. It’s cold, prickly, sometimes even harsh. I don’t  care for rain. I MUCH prefer the sun! But I’ve learned that beautiful things happen when it rains.
Random thoughts about rain 
It’s raining outside . . .
I can’t help but feel like the sky is weeping.
Maybe God is shedding tears, for all who are suffering.
Maybe He feels our pain and cries with us. I don’t really know.  But I do know that rain waters the earth and gives nourishment and life to that which we see, and that which we yet cannot see— the seeds planted beneath the earth.
Rain is also healing. . . 
Like the tears we shed releasing hurt, bitterness, anger, and unforgiveness to God.
Rain is cleansing, cleansing the earth, and cleansing our hearts.
I’ve learned to weep with the sky. I’ve also learned that tears are never wasted! Something beautiful is in the making, underneath the earth, deep within our hearts. Within each seed of sorrow and suffering lie the potential for a life filled with new purpose and hope. Yes, HOPE is germinating!
Weep with the sky dear friends. Pour out your hearts if you’ re feeling sad, lonely, or hopeless. But always keep in mind that your tears are never wasted! Pain has purpose!  The hard broken soil that’s been scorched from the harsh elements of life now has a purpose. Tiny seedlings are beginning to push through those sad memories, reaching, yearning for the sunlight. Colorful and fragrant blossoms will soon appear. I see them in my minds eye, by faith, knowing that God is GOOD, LOVING, and is working ALL THINGS for the GOOD of those who love Him.
“Weeping may last for the night . . .
BUT JOY comes in the morning !!” (Psalm 30:5)
photo credit Elisa Grandemange
Dear friends, the rains must come, so must the storms of life. But try not to dwell on the feelings of being cold or wet or being tossed to and fro by the winds. Dwell on what’s coming after.
That’s HOPE!
“weeping may last through the night,
but joy comes with the morning.” (Psalm 30:5)
Hope be with you!
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